Create an Unforgettable Bedroom with WYLD CUSTOM

Create an Unforgettable Bedroom with WYLD CUSTOM

Mar 27, 2023
H1: Create an Unforgettable Bedroom with WYLD Custom

H2: A Contemporary Look that's Made To Last

H3: Custom Made Bed Frames

Transform your bedroom into an unforgettable retreat with WYLD Custom's Australian made custom bed frames. Our bed frames are made to order and are available in hundreds of fabric options, allowing you to create a unique look that is custom-made to fit your bedroom and your own personal style. We offer both timber and upholstered bed bases, across various designs including our floating bed base and box bed base.

H3: Quality Construction

Our bed frames are expertly crafted for durability and longevity. Each frame features a slat system to ensure your mattress remains ventilated and evenly supported. You can rest easy knowing that our bed frames are built to withstand regular use and wear and tear.

H3: WYLD Custom Packages

We've packaged together our most popular beds above, but any bed head and bed base can be combined, each available in sizes from single up to super king. With WYLD Custom, you can achieve a stylish and contemporary bedroom style that's made to last.

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